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Lakewood Appliance Experts provides customers with a complete professional relationship for refrigerator repair. We have become an enduring name in refrigerator repair in Lakewood, California.

Refrigerator Repair to Lakewood

The refrigerator is a vital part of your household or business. Worries multiply when its not working properly at all. We care about making sure your refrigerator runs like new.

Leonardi thrives on referrals and repeat business because we are a service fixture in the community. You come to recognize and depend on us because the skill we provide contributes to a comfortably running household or business.

In addition to providing professional refrigerator repair, our friendly, knowledgeable service staff can educate you about your particular refrigerator so you understand how it operates even better. We want you to be both smart and satisfied about your refrigerator.

Beyond Refrigerator Repair

Plus, if you ever need appliance parts or a used appliance, we can help you with that too. Make us your total resource for appliance parts, repair and service!

Call Leonardi at (562) 653-4246 to discuss the refrigerator repair. You also begin the long-term service relationship that will benefit you! Visit our showroom anytime during regular business hours as well.

Lakewood Appliance Experts A+ rating.